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Lathe Knurling Tools W/Knurls Fitted


  • These Knurling Tool Holders usually comes with alloy steel knurls.
  • These Knurling Tool Holders can also be supplied with high speed steel knurls.
  • These Knurling Tool Holders are manufactured from fine quality steel & finely black oxidized.
  • These Knurling Tool Holders are ideal tool for numerous knurling applications.


A  wheel straight knurling tool is a manufacturing process that cuts or rolls a pattern of straight, angled, or crossed lines into a material, typically on a latheKnurling allows hands or fingers to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be provided by the original smooth surface

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lathe Knurling Tools

Different Types are available


Suitable for Mini Lathe Machine, Small lathe Machine and Medium size lathes Or Full Swing lathes.
• Adjustable  and Non Adjustable  Models  or Spring loaded clamp type knurling type.Six wheel,2 wheel , 3 wheel single wheels
• Fitted With medium diamond pattern knurls.
• Tool Steel / HSS Knurl LH and RH Medium.
• When Pressure is applied by turning screw instead of the lathe cross slide.
• Helps reducing the load on the lathe spindle bearings compared to any other standard knurling tool.


Wear safety Goggles


Made in India

Shipping 15 days or as per availability of stock , or Depends upon the volume of order.


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1/16" – 2.1/4" Scissor Type Lathe Knurling Tool Holder – Quick Action, 12.5x30x180 MM(6 wheels), 3/8 x 7/8 x 5-1/2 (6 Wheels), Clamp Type Knurling Tool 3-25 mm Capacity- 5/8" x3/8", Single Knurling Tool 1/2", Single Knurling Tool 3/4" Shank, Straddle Knurling Tool Holder

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