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Safety Steel Ruler 400 MM


Type: Measuring Tool
Style: Crafter Scale
Material: Stainless Steel
Units of Measure: Millimeters and Inches

Made In India

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Safety Steel Ruler 400 mm

This Safety Steel Ruler 400 mm length of the ruler provides ample space for measuring and cutting larger leather pieces. Whether you’re working on small accessories or larger projects like bags or garments, this ruler’s length allows for versatility and adaptability to various leather working tasks. The Safety Steel Ruler is not only a practical tool but also a time-saving one. With its dual functionality, you no longer need to switch between a measuring tool and a cutting guide. This streamlines your workflow, making your leather working process smoother and more efficient. Beyond its functionality, the Safety Steel Ruler is also a tool of craftsmanship. Its sleek and professional appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. It’s a tool that reflects your commitment to quality and attention to detail.

This Ruler is helpful in measuring and marking on the leather , Both Inches and Millimeters marking is on.

Made in India

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Weight .230 kg

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