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Leather Skiving Tool Straight


Easy to Use: It is very convenient for leather professionals and beginners to use, and easy control, which can help you to make the perfect leather shape.
Premium Material: The leather semicircular knife is made of high-carbon steel, polished well, it can be used for any type of leather cuttings.
Works Great: The leather semicircular knife has suitable cutting edges, which can cut many types of material. It is very sharp, please be careful when you using it.
Perfect for DIY: Suitable for leather professionals and beginners to use, easy control, which can help you to make the perfect leather shape. Easy for leather crafters.
Widely Used: This round head knife cuts any weight/thickness of leather, especially awesome for cutting any kind of curve and for rounding corners in your leather.

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Leather Knife-Tool for Cutting Leather DIY Skiving Knife Leather Working Tools Knife with Wooden Handle Leather Cutting Knife for ​Trimming & Edge Skiving

Material — This skiving knife is made of Stainless steel, so blade sharpness is long-lasting. It features a specialized handle for holding the knife in this position.
Size — Blade shape: Straight (38 m), the width of blade:38 mm; length of knife: 7 inches. Color: black. Perfect for leather cutting trimming and skiving.
Reasonable Beveling Angle — Leathercraft knives are used for shaving thin layers off of leather and the skiving knives have a wide edge ground to an angle with a flatter handle for working closer to the surface of your piece.
Convenient Usage — To cut leather simply place your leather onto a quality purpose made cutting mat, then insert the appropriate corner of the blade into your leather and pull the knife towards you, twisting the blade in the direction you wish to cut.
Worth Using — This leather edging knife has a sharp, reliable blade dramatically increases the quality of your skiving, gorgeous design is worth collecting.
Durable: It can be used for a long time, all parts are tightly connected, not easy to fall off, and can cut a variety of materials.
Easy To Use: Very easy to use for leather professionals and beginners alike, with easy controls to help you create the perfect leather shape.
Note: It becomes dull during use. Regular sanding keeps it incisive. After use, apply some sealing wax for better preservation for long term use.
Material: Made of stainless steel and beech wood, it can be used for a long time. High speed steel leather cutting knives are more resistant to corrosion, and the cutting head is also sharper and more wear resistant.
Applicability: Suitable for leather pros and beginners, easy to control to help you make the perfect leather shape.

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