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Edge Bevelers or Edgers


Suitable Space: For watch straps, card holders, ornaments, handbags, purses, wallets, belts and other leatherworking projects, etc.
– No indentation angle design, no dead angle and meticulous grinding, suitable for left and right hands. Using it, you can get a clean and smooth edge, which is an excellent convenience for subsequent leather edge processing.
– Superior performance, exquisite appearance, high-cost performance, high silkiness in use, the real feeling of leather craftsmen
– After the leather edger is finished, if there are burrs on the edge, you can use double-sided polishing strips or sandpaper to polish it, and then apply the bed surface treatment agent. Use the groove of the appropriate width of the wooden edger to smooth the side of the leather Grind into a circular arc shape to make the surface round and smooth, and grind the sides to a beautiful lustre.

– Application: Leather corner treatment.


Edge Bevelers

Made from high quality steel

Size 0 to Size 5 ,

Gives finish to edges of the leather .

Comes in multiple variants

India finest Rose Wood

Additional information

Weight N/A

edger sz 0, edger sz 1, edger sz 2, edger sz 3, edger sz 4, edger sz 5

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