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  • Natural Black Horn with Natural White Streaks
  • 100% Original Made from Buffalo Horn Material
  • Compact, Durable and Long Lasting
  • Proudly Handcrafted by Craftsmen
  • Knife Scales are sold in per pair (Sets of 2 Pieces)
  • Handmade In India
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BUFFALO HORN WHITE BROWN STREAKS SCALES size 130 x 40 x 6.2 mm (+- 2mm)

Black & White Color is the traditional choice for making Knife Scales on quality instruments and it is by far the most popular.

While it is mixed two color there are subtle color variations that add to the beauty of this natural material.

Manufacturing Time 30 days

Color may vary piece to piece and lot to lot

Knife Scales are sold in per pair (Sets of 2 Pieces)

We are manufacturing and exporting all kinds of knife handles scales. This is water buffalo horn slabs, or buffalo horn knife scales for making knife handles. Water buffalo horn are used for making knife handles, optical frames, for hidden tang knives, gun grips, for inlaid art. Buffalo Horn White Streaks Scales

These Blanks are handmade, not machine lathed. As such there will quite often be varied size in the measurements. Most of them is similar in size each scale approximately. Put the horn blank on the knife handles or traditional bow handles and tips will up the products quality level. When you take the horn handles of them will let you keep heart and blood clam and more concentration.

Pay Attention:

Before drilling the hole in horn plate,to avoid crack. Please put horn plate into the water 20-30°C/68-86 °F for 24 hours.The Buffalo Horn is Very Hard and Dense naturally. You may need to cut them by saw in proper size and flat sand the both side of the scale to get a good fit to the part you want put and Use sharp sanding belts/discs/paper.

Work slowly and allow the material to stay cool, Excellent for your custom knife or bow making project and you can also to use them to do varied arrowheads or hooks and other handicrafts of your article design that will be great handcrafts.

Please note: These materials are a byproduct of processing, and animals were not harvested for their horns. The product in the photo represents a sample only. Actual order may differ from photo.

Made In India

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