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Screw Pitch Gages for Thread Pitch Measurements


• Screw Pitch Gauge known as Thread Gauge, used to measure thread pitch or lead  ,number of threads per inch( TPI) and also the thread angle of a screw.
• Very Handy Tool for Gauging Threads, easy to use.
• Number of each leaf of thread pitch gauge represents pitch size.

• Made of high quality Tool Steel.
• Available for American National, Metric and English Threads.


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  • Constructed from good quality steel.
  • Each and every leaf is properly marked with size.
  • Packed in Attractive PVC Pouch
  • Used to check the threads of the screws.

Made in India


shipping 15 days or as per availability of the Stock or Depends upon the volume of the order

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Scew Pitch Gagee Metric -Thread 60 Degr 0.4 to 7.0, Screw Pitch Gage V-American Nat Thread 4-42, Screw Pitch Gage4-42 V-Thread US Metric 60&deg Combination, Screw Pitch Gauge/Thread 4 to 62 TPI, 0.25 to 6.0 mm Combination with 55 Degree and Metric 60 Degree

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