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9 Piece 8 Dapping Punches & Dapping Block Hardened Steel


A 9 piece dapping / doming set manufactured from high strength steel.
8 Punches in sizes 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 19, 24 & 27mm
1 Doming block / dapping block flat
Wooden holder for storage and ease of use wooden base is marked with punch sizes also

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Doming / Dapping Set 9 Piece 8 Dapping Punches & Dapping Block Hardened Steel

9PC Designer Metal Forming Tool Kit with Wooden Base is made from high-quality steel for durability and long life. Best for professional jewelers, metalsmiths & hobbyists. Each dapping punch block can be used repeatedly over time. Doming block and punch set is a metal-forming tool with a ball-shaped end. Used in conjunction with a doming block, they can help jewelers to create perfectly shaped domes in several alloys.

QUALITY PRODUCT: All the dapping blocks and punches are made of high-quality steel for strength, durability, and longevity. The shapes are very precisely and smoothly carved on the blocks to give you the best finishing results in shaping your favorite jewelry item.
SHAPE EFFECTIVELY:If you have a necessity for Precious Metal Shaping, Redesigning then this is an excellent product for your need. Also one of the great tools for coin ring making and dimple copper bracelets. We can proudly say that this is the perfect tool for Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, and Metalsmithing.
RUST RESISTANT:Our dapping block set has one of the greatest advantages which is there it is no rust-resistant and has no breakage on it if carefully used. Certain precautions are required while using this product. And also it can be used multiple times. As it is made up of good quality steel it is dust and rust-resistant.


PUNCH SET SIZES : 5 mm To 27 mm (8 Nos)
STEEL PLATE BLOCK SIZE : 86 (L) X 48 (W) X 23 (Thick) mm
WOOD STAND SIZE : 175 mm (L) X 127 mm (W) X 22 mm (Thick)
USAGE: Forming Soft Metals for Jewelry Making, Coin Making, Metalsmiths, Plus Goldsmith Applications and Repairs

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